My Sissy Weekend With
Mistress Lalique
    The following is a detailed journal of my visit to Mistress Lalique where i spent 3 days 24/7 as Her sissy maid. If you enjoy reading the story even half as much as i enjoyed living it, i'm sure you will have a wonderful time!  

1999 Lalique Enterprises



It was a typical January mid-Winter day in New Jersey that i started out for a weekend in Cape Cod serving Mistress Lalique. i really didn't know what i was going to experience, but my friend sissy assured me many times that Mistress was kind and understanding and that i would be assured a pleasant sissy maid experience for the weekend. i rose at my usual time of 5:00 AM thinking that i would have plenty of time to leisurely transform myself into stephanie so that i could make the six-hour trip enFemme. i wore a nice heavy green and white top, which was long and came down over my short, pleated skirt. i enjoy wearing this outfit - it gets a lot of glances!

Everything was going well until i got in the car and started it!! An alarm bell, which i never heard before, rang and as i looked at the dashboard, i noticed a blinking little battery icon and right above it was an indicator showing that the battery was not receiving the usual charge. Well, i thought, it's just a fluke - things will get better. As i pulled out of the garage, things remained the same. i got to the approach to the turnpike and the charge indicator went down another level. i thought then for sure that i would have to do something - i certainly couldn't ignore this and make a trip like i had planned. Well, i turned around and went back home, all the while thinking about where i could go and considering whether i should get "undressed" and take off the make-up and everything - quite a production.

i finally decided that i would go to my local Goodyear Tire and repair store enFemme. So, in walked this girl at 7:40 in the morning. The heads of the three men behind the counter turned to look at me. In my best feminine voice i said what the problem was and they took the car and decided that a new alternator was required. i was back on my way by 9:15 AM - paying the bill with a credit card which said stephanie on it and even now i don't think they knew i was in Drag! It was a wonderful feeling and actually a great way to start the weekend! The rest of the trip was uneventful - i have traveled enFemme before so am used to stopping for pit stops, etc.

i arrived at Mistress' house about 3:00 and was greeted at the door by sissy. sissy was in her red French Maid's uniform. We hugged and sissy introduced me to Mistress Lalique, who i had met at a Halloween Party back home. i presented Mistress with a bouquet of flowers which i had brought for Her. sissy also introduced me to Master Jay and gave me a quick tour of the house ending by showing me the "sissy room" where i was to stay. It was quite pleasant - located on the second floor and nicely appointed. It took me three trips to move everything inside and upstairs.

At this time, i found Mistress and asked Her what uniform She would like me to wear for the afternoon. i explained that i had three French Maid's dresses - a black and white, a pink and a red. She chose the red to match sissy's. i later found out that Mistress loves the colors red and black! i changed into my red French Maid's dress as quickly as i could. This requires a full corset (with cups) which takes some time to adjust correctly. i put on two petticoats underneath to make the short skirt stand out very far. i then reported back to Mistress in the dungeon for inspection.

She looked at me very carefully and gave me some nice complements. She reminded me that it was a privilege and honor to serve Her. Mistress would ask me questions about this during the rest of the weekend. Each time i was expected to say that it was a privilege and honor, which of course it was! Then She noticed the red ribbon that was hanging down my leg and inquired whether i ever used penis restraints. i bowed my head and said yes, Mistress i have a pretty red bow on now. She asked me to pull down my panties and present myself to Her by lifting up my petticoats and skirt. i did as requested and She inspected the bow and how it was also tied around my balls before being tied around the base of the penis and into a bow. Mistress complemented me and said that i should report to sissy for assignment.

sissy and i spent the remainder of the afternoon washing, drying and folding laundry and running the vacuum in the house. We also had to strip some beds and put clean sheets on them. The remainder of the afternoon went by very quickly.

After a while, sissy and i took a little sissy break for some refreshment and to chat - as two girls will often do! Mistress came in the room and announced that some groceries were needed and that we girls would go shopping while Jay would go on another errand. Yes, that's right sissy and i would go to the super market with Mistress in our red French Maid's uniforms!

Out the door we went. It was on the warm side so neither sissy nor i wore a coat - sissy drove while Mistress rode in the passenger seat. Of course, i opened Her door when Mistress got in and out of the car. We went to one of those big "super" super markets. i was assigned to push the cart and follow behind while Mistress pointed to items She wanted and sissy picked them off the shelf and put them in the cart.

The other customers in the store were really quite amused. The reactions of others ranged from completely ignoring us to following us around the store. While in the produce department, one lady came up to us and asked if this was "Candid Camera". We replied no that we were just out for an evening of grocery shopping with our lady. Some people thought it was a commercial "stunt" for some product. Once again we assured them that we were serious. Most everyone had fun and many commented to me how pretty or cute I looked. Wow, those complements make a girl feel real good! One store employee we passed couldn't take his eyes off me as i passed. He met us in the next aisle and he asked me for my phone number. i said that i wasn't from around here and that also these uniforms were the new uniforms for the store employees. He smiled and we parted. While we checked out, Mistress had me get a chair for Her so that She could sit down while sissy took care of the bill and i packed the bags. We then departed the store and returned back to the house.

Mistress had graciously prepared a plate of lasagna for us to have for dinner that evening. We put it in the oven to warm as we unpacked the groceries. i was given specific instructions on how to set the table which i proceeded to do. Mistress then gave me a book showing different ways of folding dinner napkins. She proceeded to instruct me in one method and i folded the four napkins we needed that evening. The table was also set with candles and the flowers which i had brought. When everything was ready, we feasted on the lasagna and wine.

After Mistress had finished eating, She instructed me to clear the table and clean up the kitchen. After i returned Mistress said "present" (which means that She would like a cigarette presented to Her and then lit). i mistook this command to mean that i should "present myself". So, i lifted my skirts and petticoats and became instantly humiliated when i suddenly realized that She meant a cigarette. Mistress said that She could tell where my mind was and that i should be punished.

sissy and i were then instructed to remove Mistress' panties with our teeth! i wasn't sure what was going to happen, but i helped sissy do what we were instructed to do. After we finally got them off by using our teeth only, Mistress stuffed Her thong panties in my mouth and instructed me to kneel on the floor. What came next i did not really expect, but sissy was instructed to lay down on her back and Mistress used her mouth as Her toilet. sissy gulped the nectar for what seemed to be a good twenty minutes! Mistress, Herself was surprised that She had so much to give! sissy was instructed to get up and clean up at which time she went upstairs.

Since we did not eat until after 9:00, it was now getting quite late and since i got up at 5:00 and drove for six hours, it was decided that we would all call it a night. sissy and i were instructed to be up and dressed by 8:00 at which time Mistress wanted some breakfast. i was instructed to be in my pink French Maid's dress. So, after cleaning up and putting on my nighty, i went to bed after a very interesting day - not knowing that tomorrow would be even more interesting!

i rose at 7:00, which would give me just enough time to do my make-up and dress by 8:00. i put on my panties and bra and went downstairs to wake sissy. In the basement was a section made into a sissy maid's quarters with a bed and a night table. It was quite utilitarian and comfy. i woke up sissy who then went into the kitchen to make coffee and a light breakfast. After i dressed in my pink strapless French Maid's dress, i came downstairs to find a naked sissy putting the finishing touches on breakfast for Mistress and Jay. i took the tray upstairs and served Mistress and Master in bed. They were both very complementary about my appearance and appreciated the breakfast in bed. i made two more trips upstairs to freshen up coffee and empty the ashtray. Mistress, of course, does not like a dirty ashtray. This is something a sissy maid must learn immediately.

While we were serving breakfast, another member of what Mistress calls "her family" arrived. Michael does some landscaping and is generally very handy with carpentry and fixing things around the house. Michael's projects for this weekend included cleaning up the yard and continuing work on the toilet trainer chair that he was building. Michael was a very energetic and most pleasant person! i enjoyed talking with him and just having him around. i was surrounded with caring, loving wonderful people. People who had deep feelings for others and were very kind and gentle.

During breakfast, sissy and i discussed the projects for the day, which included a good, thorough cleaning of the master bathroom, more laundry and more vacuuming. Also, there was another list of groceries, which had to be picked up at the store. sissy said that she was going out to get those things on the list and i expressed disappointment that i wasn't going to go. Therefore, sissy asked Mistress if i could go and She gave Her permission.

We went (yes, two French Maids again) to a CVS store first for sissy to get some lipstick. Then we went to the wonderful gourmet produce and meat store where we got some wonderful roast beef for lunch. While here we stopped and had a cup of coffee which the stores offers to its customers. We got some looks, and some pleasant comments. From this stores we went on to a smaller supermarket than the night before. Once again, i pushed the cart and we traveled around the store picking up the things we needed. We often set out alone for certain items. Also, once again, we got the same response as the night before. Many people looked and simply ignored us and some people complemented on how we looked and asked questions. As we were leaving the store, a group of Girl Scouts were selling cookies outside. sissy can't resist the chocolate covered mints so she went over and bought a box saying that when she was a little girl she was also a Girl Scout. The adult said "Oh, how nice!".

We returned to the house for lunch. i prepared a nice sandwich for Mistress and Master of French Bread, Borsin cheese, roast beef, lettuce and tomato. i served it in the dungeon where they were discussing the activities for an upcoming event. i found out this is quite a delightful sandwich combination! After lunch and clean up, i attacked the upstairs master bathroom. i used a toothbrush to get into the crevices in the counter and did a real thorough job of scrubbing the entire bathroom. i think one of the keys after cleaning the surfaces with ammonia, or whatever, is to wipe it dry with an old towel. Then, before presenting it for inspection, use a window cleaner spray and paper towel on all the surfaces. This makes them shine! Mistress was very pleased with my work.

Later that afternoon, Michael and i were chatting like two little girls about a variety of topics. This disturbed Mistress who then called Michael into the dungeon. She had him take off his shirt, all the while telling him how "chatty" he was - talking like a little girl. Mistress took a lipstick and wrote on Michael's chest: "Chatty Cathy" in big bold, red letters. Then She required that he not put his shirt on for the rest of the afternoon. "Chatty Cathy" continued to chat, though!

It was now past mid afternoon and i was getting tired so i asked if it would be possible for me to have about an hour and a half to freshen up. i was granted this time by Mistress, but not until She took me into the dungeon. Mistress sat down and instructed me to lay over Her legs. After i had done that, She pulled down my panties and proceeded to spank me. i couldn't believe how good She was at this! Considering Her size, Her hand really had quite an impact on my bare butt!! It began to turn pink and Mistress was happy. She then gave me an enema to use while i took my shower and said that i was to go to my room without pulling up my panties. i was also instructed to crawl out of the dungeon until i got into the kitchen at which time i could stand up and hobble to my room with my panties at my ankles. Of course, i did what i was instructed to do.

Let me take a few minutes here to explain a little about the dungeon. It is a large room in the house with all kinds of toys all around! There is a big structure that supports chains so that a person can be bound in a variety of ways including completely suspended. There are cabinets all around the room with lots of toys. There are paddles, canes and whips and the like hanging in one corner. Across the room is a nice couch in front of a potbelly stove which has a nice warm fire burning in it. Another corner has lots of pony things like harnesses, bits, etc. Another corner has a cage in it, which i was to learn about first hand that night, as you will read! The dungeon is a comfortable space.

After cleaning myself up, i reapplied my makeup and put on my French Maid's black and white uniform, which i altered to have a super short skirt. As a matter of fact, it is so short, that the petticoat underneath makes it stand out like a ballerina tutu so that the tops of my stockings, the garter belt and panties are always on display. i, of course, was ribboned also - this time with a red ribbon to match my red panties and red and black garter belt.

For dinner tonight we were going to feast on lobster. Master Jay had gone out and bought an eight pound lobster!! What a giant. Mistress made a wonderful scallops dish and we had a salad. We all feasted for quite a while. i, once again, cleared the table and we all adjourned into the dungeon for a wonderful evening of play. First was a continuation of the caning which Mistress had started on sissy before dinner. They completed 150 cane strokes all over the lower part of his body, both front and back as well as on his hands. At about the 100 cane stroke, Mistress took a rest and called me over. During this whole time, i was instructed to kneel and watch the caning with my my hands behind my back. i crawled over to Mistress who then instructed me to lift my skirts and petticoats up. She pulled down my panties and looked approvingly at my bow. After a while She removed the bow and put it in my mouth. She took a piece of rawhide with two bells attached and proceeded to stretch my ball sack and wrap the rawhide around it to hold it extended. There i was with my balls stretched and two bells which rang at every little movement. To tell the truth, i was in ecstasy. i was instructed to crawl back to my kneeling position and sissy's caning continued up to 150 strokes. During this time also, Mistress applied cigarettes and then a cigar to sissy's skin. Of course, sissy reacted as expected, but then said "Thank you Mistress".

After sissy's caning was finished, Mistress let her go to "clean up" and i was called to the front of the room. i crawled up front and was instructed to lay over this big black plastic type barrel which was suspended by two chains from the framework overhead. i hugged it and Mistress said that She wished to cane me. i was blindfolded and given ten cane strokes letting each one be felt slowly and gradually. overtake my entire body. My rear became quite pink. i should mention here that during the entire evening of play, pictures were constantly being taken (i think there were seven or eight rolls of film used) and a video camera was recording all the action. sissy came back into the room and commented how nice a pretty pink a virgin ass reacts to caning. My butt did feel nicely warm!

After the caning (i was still blindfolded), i felt Mistress putting ankle cuffs on my ankles and heard chains attaching them to the side and pulling my leg. Then the other ankle was cuffed and chained as well as a chain between the two feet. Therefore, i could not move my legs which were spread apart to keep me "open". Then Mistress pinned (with clothespins) my skirt and petticoats up so that it was held out of the way. About this time sissy brought "Rufus" over and put "him" in my face. Well, Rufus is a long - and i mean long (about two feet) - rubber dildo. sissy made me suck Rufus and take as much of "him" into my mouth as i could!!

Next i felt some restraints being put on my thighs. Suddenly, sissy let me hold Rufus while she knelt down in front of me. i didn't know it at the time, but sissy was collared so that she was positioned in front of my cock and held there with my thigh restraints!! Since i was in quite a state a arousal, it didn't take much for sissy to start sucking on me while i sucked on Rufus!! While this was going on "in front", Mistress started probing my ass from behind!! Wow, was i getting HOT (even over heated)! Mistress continued to probe and stretch my virgin ass, but that was about all it was going to take for this scene. This went on for a while as Mistress whispered how i was a slut and comments like that. Of course, i eventually came and sissy enjoyed the refreshment! She continued to clean me up while Mistress continued to probe, but found that i was too tight this evening to take anything but one finger. None the less, it was an experience which sent me into outer space!

After this climax, Mistress began unfastening the thigh and leg restraints and instructed me to stand up. Since i was still blindfolded, i stood still waiting for Her command. She took my arm and instructed me that She was going to put me in a cage for a while. She asked me to kneel down and led me into the cage. i was given a nice teddy bear, two pillows and some blankets. i heard the latch on the door close and, after some nervous feeling, settled down in the cage for a while.

While i was in the cage, it was Michael's turn to be punished. Since i was still blindfolded, i could not see what was happening, but i could certainly hear the whipping which Mistress was generously giving to Michael. The cage was by the door into the house and i commented how busy the passage was next to me. sissy was kind enough to come over and give me some Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies which she purchased that morning. She had me move against the side of the cage and fed them to me through the cage. After quite a while, Mistress decided that i should be let out of the cage. She came over, opened the door and instructed me to crawl out of the cage. i was then instructed to stand up and which time the blindfold was taken off of me. i then saw Michael laying on the floor on his back after the punishment he was given.

We sat together and talked for a while just enjoying the evening and each other's company. Then sissy wanted to show us a "present" she had given to Mistress the year before. It was a device which puts tiny, but very strong, little rubber bands around the testicles of animals which eventually leads to castration. sissy put one of the bands on her balls. It was quite a job, but finally successfully accomplished. We all watched as her balls changed colors to a very dark tint. Mistress was keeping time and at about twenty minutes, sissy cut the band off and the surge of fresh blood gave her an unbelievable rush which was evident from her reaction. The color in the balls returned almost immediately. This should not be attempted without close monitoring!

We spent the rest of the time chatting and sharing things. Then, we decided (about 1:00 AM) that it was time to turn in - especially since sissy stephanie has a six-hour drive tomorrow. Mistress asked me to crawl over to Her, which i did, and She removed the ball stretcher with the bells on it. She then instructed me that She wished to be awaken at 8:00 on Sunday morning and that sissy and i should be dressed like little girls. Mistress then said that i should put on my nighty and get ready for bed then report back to Her in the dungeon.

i went back to the sissy room upstairs and undressed, took off my make-up and showered. i then put on a lovely black short pengoir and matching slippers. i then went back downstairs to the dungeon and presented myself to the Mistress. Mistress had me kneel in front of Her as She looked at my nighty, admired it and then lifted it up to inspect me. Of course, the slut that i am, i was not wearing any panties. i then kissed Mistress feet and She wished me "sweet dreams" and dismissed me to go to bed.

The alarm went off at 7:00 the next morning. i put on my diaper - the pink one with pretty little animals all over it - and went downstairs to make sure sissy was up. sissy was awake and i returned to clean up, do my make-up and finish dressing. This morning i wore a baby girl's red and white check little dress with matching panties which had some pretty rows of ruffles on the back! i had a pacifier hanging around my neck and also a big smiley face pendant on a yellow cord. i was wearing my golden hair with braids and a red check bonnet to match my outfit!! On my feet i wore pretty white lace socks with lace at the top and Mary Jane shoes! i was little stephie. My make-up included nice bright pink cheeks with freckles painted on each of them!

i went downstairs and sissy was beginning to prepare breakfast, which would be bigger than yesterdays. sissy said "You know stephie, Mistress forgot one thing last night -- we are just little girls and we can't tell time yet. i wonder if it's forty o'clock yet". i giggled and agreed. So, we went up to Mistress bedroom and told Her our dilemma about the time. She said that we were right and that we looked wonderful as "her little girls".

Well, after telling "mommy" (Mistress) some other little girl stories, we all decided to have breakfast. We girls went downstairs and sissy served as cook preparing bacon and eggs, fresh cinnamon rolls and lots of other things. Mommy and Daddy came downstairs and we all had a nice family breakfast together. Of course, i continued to serve Mistress (as mommy) when She requested a cigarette or needed some item from the kitchen. Mommy said that She had a few surprises for Her little girls. She gave sissy and i both a pretty Valentine gift which was a little white bear which held candy in a plastic column underneath it. We both loved it and thanked mommy for the gift. Mommy then said that She had another surprise and that She wanted to give Her little girls a pony ride! Mommy instructed Michael to prepare himself while She went upstairs to change into Her riding clothes.

In a short time, after we finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes, mommy came downstairs in white jodhpurs and a pretty riding uniform. Michael had his harnesses on and was prepared except for the tale, which mommy gave him to try. The chest harness included a cock ring while there was also a bit in his mouth with the reins attached. It was a butt plug with a tale attached. Since Michael (Mr. Ed) could not put the tail on, another one was devised using a harness. Our horse was now prepared and Mr. Ed went out into the backyard to get ready with the cart. It was a real horse cart and mommy offered me a ride!!

We first petted Mr. Ed. and mommy instructed me in how to start, steer and stop Mr. Ed. i sat on the seat and put my feet into the proper places and used a whip to lightly tap Mr. Ed. who then started pulling the cart. Wow, what fun this little girl was having!! It was wonderful. We went around the yard once and then Mr. Ed started to gallop (or at least go faster - i'm not real familiar with equestrian terminology). At first this little girl was frightened, but then i began to enjoy the wind in my face and the speed which Mr. Ed. was pulling me around the yard!! After once around, i pulled on the reins a little and Mr. Ed. stopped in front of mommy how helped me off asking if i had a good time. i said "Yes" with great enthusiasm. i then went up and petted Mr. Ed. who made some horse noises and tapped the ground with his hoof. Mommy then took Mr. Ed for a ride while we watched. Mommy is an excellent equestrian and we enjoyed watching Her with Mr. Ed. After this ride, Mr. Ed lowered the cart so that mommy could get out and joined all of us on the deck where we were taking pictures.

At this time, i was dismissed to change since i had to face my six-hour drive and return to "reality". i left to go upstairs to change and finish my packing. i wore a short jeans skirt with a red sweater to drive home. This is a comfortable outfit and good to drive in.

After packing the car, i reported to Mistress in the dungeon. Mr. Ed, sissy and Jay were also there. i knelt down in front of Mistress who then sincerely expressed how much She enjoyed having me visit and what a lovely girl i was. This felt really wonderful coming from a terrific lady like Mistress. She gave me a gift. It was a piece of red ribbon which has "property of Mistress Lalique" inscribed on it! It took it very graciously and now have it where i can often glance at it. i also said good-bye to Michael, Jay and sissy. There was now one obstacle left. Jay's car was parked behind me. He would not move it until Mistress gave him permission! i knelt in front of Mistress and said that although i would love to stay, i really must return home and i begged Her to give permission to Jay to move his car. Milady said "yes, I know dear", and instructed Jay (slut) to move his car.

So, i went out, got in the car and as i pulled out of the driveway, i looked back and there was Mistress and sissy (dressed in a little girl's red dress with a pretty pinafore) standing in front of the house waving good-bye. It was a wonderful last picture which i still carry in my memory even several days later. My trip home, except for lots and lots of rain, was rather uneventful and meant a return to reality and my normal life. But, i have many, many memories and can always look forward to my return trip at which time, i hopefully will be able to spend more time in service to Mistress Lalique - a most gracious and wonderful person. This weekend of service was truly a privilege and an honor!

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