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The sissy Weekend 
In words and pictures...

For more about "The Sissy Weekend", read sissy maid stephanie's story,
"Privilege and Honor"

When it's cold on Cape Cod, Mistress has lots of fun indoors.
I can always find ways to amuse Myself and My little family...
Like training My sissy maids to serve Me properly!!
My beloved sissy felicia had begged to invite
her friend, sissy stephanie, for an all-sissy weekend.
So, this month we did that.

A trip in drag to the dairy aisle gives new meaning to the term 'male milking'...

After my girls arrived, I dressed them in their red uniforms
for a bit of shopping at the local grocery...

My pretty french maids were the hit of the market
as I lead them around on their leashes...
As you see, we even sampled the doggie treats along the way...

Testing treats with the slut puppy!

The other shoppers were surprised to hear me demand...
"Speak, slut, SPEAK!!"
But they laughed when sissy felicia barked loudly like the well-trained puppy She is...

After shopping it was time for a nice family dinner...
First I instructed My new sissy stephanie on just how I expect to be served...

Now remember... Serve from the right and remove from the left...

And then I instructed My girls together...
Everything must be perfect, ladies, or body parts will roll!

I want this meal PICTURE perfect...Is that understood, girls?

Saturday, was housekeeping day and
My sissies worked hard to put My house in order.
They slaved away all day vacuuming and mopping floors,
washing and folding laundry, changing beds,
emptying trash and thoroughly cleaning the kitchen.

Clean My tub well sissy girl, and Mistress may have a treat for You later!

sissy stephanie even scrubbed Mistress' bathroom spotlessly clean...

Another trip to the market for My two tired sissies...
And soon, we were preparing a special family dinner
for Me, my sissies, and my slaves jay and michael...

sissy stephanie sets Mistress Lalique's table

At last, the lobster was cooked and served.
The wine glasses were filled and the champagne poured.
My beloved sissy felicia even had a flute of Her favorite champagne
placed lovingly beside her plate so she could toast My health!
What a delightful meal it was too...
just me, my family and my two sweet sissies...

And then it was time to play... so off to the dungeon we went!
First sissy felicia got 150 cane strokes as her reward
for helping My dear friend Maitresse Lisanne with Her web site.
To most slaves 150 would be a punishment, but for sissy felicia it is a reward.
(Note the tiny white string hanging out of sissy felicia's pussy.
It is ALWAYS a sissy's time of the month, you see!)
Now beeeeggggg your Mistress for the first stroke, slut...

sissy felicia gets 150 strokes with my cane...

Next it was sweet sissy stephanie's turn
And I began by spanking her bottom until it was a perfect shade of pink...

Mistress loves a butt with a nice healthy glow...

Once sissy stephanie's butt was just the right color,
she thanked Me in the traditional manner
by kissing My feet while I held her leash...

sissy stephanie makes sure to thank Mistress respectfully...

Next, I bent sissy stephanie over my bondage bench.
and while I enjoyed playing with her backside, sissy felicia
joined in the fun by bringing out her huge friend Rufus
for sissy stephanie to practice sucking on.
sissy felicia knows Rufus quite well, you see.
In fact you might say they are both friends and lovers!

Deep-throating Rufus is QUITE a challenge...

You should have seen the grin on sissy felicia's face
as she held Rufus up for slut stephanie to swallow!

In fact sissy felicia enjoyed the sword swallowing soooooo much,
Mistress decided to put her to work!
In this photo she is chained to sissy stephanie's thighs...
I'll let you GUESS what she's doing down there...

Mistress examine's one end, sissy felicia examines the other...

In the next pic sissy felicia is not chained to ANYTHING at all...
and that's about all I can say without getting into trouble.
So, I'll leave the rest to your very vivid imagination!

Now you KNOW why felicia chose the last name 'fellatrix'

Oh, alright! She's clearly performing a bellybutton inspection, silly!

As you can see, both slut felicia and sissy stephanie thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
But after felicia finished her tasty desert, sissy stephanie
needed a nap in the puppy cage...

Sweet dreams, sweet sissy girl...

As a final reward for sissy felicia...
I lit a cigar and tortured her mind as I smoked it.
Finally, I ordered her to beg Me to burn her.
I simply ADORED torturing her body and
It made Me sooooo wet to hear her screams!!

Go on slut, beg Me to burn you with this...

sissy felicia will wear the marks of the beautiful flower
Mistress burned into her bottom that night for the rest of her life.

The next day was Sunday, and My two little sissy girls were up
bright and early, dressed in their prettiest little-girl frocks.
by 40 O'clock, My girls were fixing breakfast for everyone in the house.
Here you see My girls in the kitchen. WHAT a mess they made!

Making breakfast the sissy girl way...

After breakfast slut-jay took some pictures of My
sweet girls for the family album...

I'm telling you, friends, you should SEE My family albums.
What delightful and unusual stories they tell!!! {veg}
On this weekend alone we shot 11 rolls of film
and got dozens of great pictures. On this page you've
seen just 21 of those pictures and they are deliberately
low quality because with 20,000 site visitors a month
I simply can't afford to send free high-res images to all of you.

In fact I have a great electronic photo set for sale which
contains high res versions of all the photos you've seen here PLUS
another two dozen great photos from this amazing weekend.
You can have them all emailed to you for just $24.95!

Now, smile and hug your Teddy Bears, girls...

Once breakfast was done, I took sweet stephanie
out for a pony-cart ride before she had to go home again.
Here, she is pictured holding Momma Lalique's hand as I take her
out to the pony cart...

Be careful, sweet stephanie... don't scare the pretty pony!

sissy stephanie... this is Mr. Ed... the talking pony.
Mr Ed, this is my sweet sissy stephanie...

That's right, pet the pretty pony, stephanie...

That's a good girl, sweet stephanie... pet the pretty pony
and show him you LOVE him...

Now, all aboard for the Pony Express!

sissy stephanie gets a pony cart ride!

We heard stephie scream as she rolled and bounced out of sight,
"How the hell do you make this pony turn right??"

For more about "The Sissy Weekend", read sissy maid stephanie's story,
"Privilege and Honor"

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