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The Pony races at the first PONE weekend...

You could see those ponies run 'round the track,
Pulling carts with riders... Clickity-Clack!
'Twas a hoot to watch those ponies run...
Hot human ponies in the noon-day sun!

Meet My fine fillie, GiaPet!

This page features the photo gallery from the first PONE weekend which I hosted recently at Crystal Haven Farms. The beautiful fillie featured in this photo is My high-stepping thoroughbred, GiaPet.

God help the world when the mares are in heat!
Three mares are always better than two stallions!

The first PONE weekend was LOADS of fun...
It was two wonderful days in the Cape Cod sun!
As you can see here, there was even time for the horses
to get acquainted. Here, My fillie GiaPet gets
some lovin' from another pretty pony-girl.
In the second photo, three fair fillies are
hitched to My cart and ready for a ride.
Now wouldn't YOU like to ride one of these fillies? [VEG]

Tacking My pony is half the fun!
My proud pony looked as great as She rode!
Methinks this jockey was bigger than his horse!

There was also lots of time
To groom and play with our mounts and check their tack.
When the tack was perfect,
or the grooms and riders needed a rest,
the ponies were tied to the hitching post
or hobbled in the pasture...
until We were ready to ride again!
As you see, each horse got a thorough workout
plenty of oats...
and lots of healthy exercise.

Good Pony, Proud Pony!  Crystal Haven Farms Pony!
Silly pony, running from a mouse!

Each pony also got worked on the lunge line
until they perfected their high-stepping routine.
But some green ponies were naturally skitterish...
Like this one who got spooked when a field mouse ran by!

For these two fillies it was love at first sight!
Trigger, Now I think you've gone TOO far!

It was fun to watch the ponies
Learn and "get into" their roles.
In fact some of the ponies were so good,
They were hard to tell from the real thing! [smile]

One last ride to trail's end!

But by the end of the weekend,
all the fine ponies
rode off into the sunset
to dream of roundups to come!

Click Here to see an enlarged version of this photo.

As you've seen, living on Cape Cod allows for lots of interesting outdoor play.


Sometimes My naughty pets are kept in a cage...


And sometimes teaching them new tricks is fun...


Of course, as part of their training all My dogs must learn to fetch...


but, if training goes well, I sometimes give My pups a treat by feeding them a few potato chips...


Or even a nice big bone to eat... Now, open WIDE!


But, after a hard morning of training My dogs, a game of Mistress a 'la carte is ALWAYS fun...


When My cart pony needs a rest, riding with My friend Maitresse Lisanne is great!

Horse back riding         Mistresses &  Ponies Talk

The following pics are of trigger who lived 24 hrs a day for 5 days as My human horse.

Grooming time! Mistress likes clean horses. Whoa boy....its only cold water and all the horses in My stable are shaved.


Time to tack up. Mistress wants to go riding.


Hi-Ho, trigger! Let's head 'em off at the pass...


Time to be fed and watered after an exhausting morning work out......


To read trigger's detailed journal of his visit with Me, click the link below...

i spent a week with Mistress Lalique...

And here's a lovely "tail" from the beautiful filly, Thunder Pony. It's the story of the day she spent with My friend Maitresse Lisanne and Me at Mistress Lisanne's Pony Farm.

My Trip to Maitresse Lisanne's Pony Farm

And this page wouldn't be complete without pics from the Horse Show at BR98...
Where the proud ponies of Crystal Haven Farms won lots of ribbons!

Pony Tack

Mistress' champion ponies pleased Her greatly and amused the audience too...

Mistress' Prize Winning Ponies

After the show, Mistress posed for the camera with Her prize winning stallions!

Mistress and Her Stallions...

In addition to shows, Mistress also loves riding at Crystal Haven Farms...

4 legged pony

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